Authors Up Close | Make Noise with Eric Nuzum

By Free Library DCCE (other events)

Monday, January 13 2020 6:30 PM 8:30 PM

A talk and Q&A with Eric Nuzum at South Philadelphia Library, followed by a book signing at South Philadelphia Taproom.

Join veteran podcast creator and strategist Eric Nuzum as he discusses his new book Make Noise: A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Audio Storytelling. Nuzum distills a career’s worth of wisdom, advice, practical information, and big-picture thinking to help podcasters “make noise”—to stand out in this fastest of fastest-growing media universes.

He identifies core principles, and essential how-tos, and he taps into his deep network to offer advice from audio stars like Ira Glass, Terry Gross, and Anna Sale. The book’s insights and guidance will help readers successfully express themselves as effective audio storytellers, whether for business or pleasure, or a mixture of both.

A talk and Q&A with Eric Nuzum will be followed by a 7:45 p.m. book sales and signing, plus drink specials at South Philadelphia Taproom, a short walk away. Join us...and Make Noise

About Eric Nuzum

Cofounder of Magnificent Noise and the creator of iconic podcasts, Nuzum has, over the past 14 years, made podcasts that routinely top the charts, appear in yearly “best of” lists, win awards, and generate hundreds of millions of downloads. He started NPR’s podcasting efforts in 2005 and remained that effort’s chief creative and strategic force for the following decade, leading NPR to become the largest distributor of podcasts in the world. Eric developed some of NPR’s most successful podcasts, and continued that record of success during his tenure as Audible’s leader for short-form content and podcasting.